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Preschool / Pre K


Exceptional Preschool Education and Care

Kids are born with marvelous imaginations and a keen desire to explore the world. At Blondo Childcare and Preschool, we aim at encouraging your child to dream, observe, and feel a sense of wonder for everything. 

You can rely on our highly trained and certified staff to provide your child with the highest quality preschool education and care. Our well-rounded curriculum focuses on promoting development and school readiness.

Well-Planned Preschool Curriculum

•  Preschool and pre-K curriculum
•  Colors and shapes - recognizes names, all colors, and shapes
•  Numbers - recognizes 0 to 20, uses numerals 0 to 20 in counting, compares quantities to determine more or less, identifies penny, nickel, dime, quarter
•  Language - experiments with writing independently, pretends to read, listens and responds to literature being read, recognizes all letters, recognizes first and the last name and can write it, follows simple directions
•  Concepts - understands big and little, long and short, understands up and down, in and out, understands hot and cold, night and day
•  Motor skills - able to run and jump, able to throw a ball, able to clap hands, builds with blocks, completes simple puzzles, draws, and colors
•  Social-emotional development - knows home address and phone number, plays and shares with other children, puts toys away and helps with chores, able to work independently

Let your child learn and grow in a healthy way. Visit us at 14419 Blondo Street Omaha, NE 68116.

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