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Toddler room

Let Your Toddler Grow and Develop in Our Healthy Environment

A healthy environment is very critical for your infant's and toddler's development. At Blondo Childcare and Preschool, we encourage all infants and toddlers to explore, learn, grow, and develop in a caring and nurturing environment through well-designed preschool programs and education. 

From playtime to language development, we have all the programs to help your toddler grow and develop in a healthy manner.

Courses and Activities for Toddlers

•  Toddler program curriculum
•  Social interaction - playing and sharing with other children
•  Gaining independence - teaching and allowing children to do things on their own and providing help if needed
•  Learn to explore and experiment - discovering things in their environment and thinking about how they work
•  Learn to deal with emotions and frustration - hitting, space biting, and throwing
•  Fine motor skills - puzzles and blocks
•  Understanding quantity and counting - one block, two space dolls, three books, and so on
•  Exploring senses - tasting, feeling, smelling, and space hearing objects in their environment
•  Language and development - understanding the simplest sentences spoken to them and learning to speak in three to five word sentences as well as carry on simple conversations
•  Sign language – words and songs

Let your toddler grow in a healthy environment. Visit us at 14419 Blondo Street Omaha, NE 68116.

Our classroom offers a warm and secure location where infants and toddlers receive individualized attention and care. Call us at 402-932-0025 for more information.

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